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Please contact the OSSMA Helpdesk and do not try again to register if the screen went blank due to an error or if you get a message saying "Payment failed," "An error was found after you registered,” or "Deadline for convenience store payment deadline has expired." If you try to register more than once you may receive multiple requests for payment.
If you are traveling for more than 12 months (from date of departure to date of return to Japan), please contact the OSSMA Helpdesk for further information regarding fees.

営業時間 平日9:00~18:00(土日祝日休み)
電話番号 03-3811-8310
E-MAIL students@emergency.co.jp
Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd.
OSSMA Helpdesk
Business hours Weekdays 9:00-18:00(closed Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays)
Phone 03-3811-8310
E-mail students@emergency.co.jp
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