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Personal Information

Handling of personal information provided through the “Inquiry form” on this website is as follows.

1. Handling of personal information

As a minimum standard, the Company will disclose the following matters, or matters of an equivalent standard or above, in writing, and receive consent from the customer, before it obtains personal information:
・Name of business operator
Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd.
・Personal Information Protection Manager
Yukichi Itakura
・Provision of personal information to third parties
Personal information obtained will not be provided to any third party unless consent is granted by the customer or it is a legal requirement to do so.
・Delegation of handling of personal information
Handling of all or part of the personal information obtained may be delegated.
・Disclosure, etc. of personal information that is subject to disclosure, and responding to inquiries
The Company will, at the owners request, provide notification of the purpose of use, disclose, amend the content, add to, partially delete, cease using, or completely delete, (hereinafter “Disclosure, etc.”) any personal information that is subject to disclosure obtained by the Company. The contact point for Disclosure, etc. is the relevant “Inquiry form.”
・Voluntariness of providing personal information and the effect of not providing personal information
There are items that must be completed to receive a response.
・Acquisition of personal information by means that are not easily recognizable to customers
This website uses cookies to gather anonymous statistical data. The anonymous statistical data gathered is used to improve this website and the Company’s services. You may turn off cookies by changing your browser’s settings. However, turning cookies off could make some of this website’s services unusable.
・Personal Information Protection Policy
Refer to the Company’s website to view the Personal Information Protection Policy.

2. Purpose of use

The Company may use personal information obtained from the “Inquiry form” on the Company’s website (including sensitive information) for any of the following purposes and will not use it for any other purposes:

・To respond to inquiries
・To provide international medical coordination services

3. Handling of sensitive information

The Company will not acquire, use, or provide to a third party sensitive information such as information about health status or medical history without the consent of the customer or if required by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, or other laws, regulations, or guidelines.
Note: Sensitive information refers to sensitive information specified in Article 6 of the Guidelines for Personal Information Protection in the Financial Field.

4. Safety measures

The Company sends personal information provided through the “Inquiry form” on the Company’s website through SSL encrypted communication.
If you agree to the above, enter the required information in the above fields and press the send button.